Songs That'll Make You Think of Your Crush ...

It's fun to fantasize about your crush and all of the fun things you'd do as a couple. Even though he hasn't realized that the two of you are perfect for each other yet, he'll figure it out eventually. Until he does, you should feel free to spend your time daydreaming about the moment when he'll finally ask you out. While you're fantasizing over the future, here are a few cute songs about crushes to listen to:

1. Crush by Mandy Moore

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This is a sweet song that'll make you melt. You can sing along to it as you're looking through your crush's Facebook page or daydreaming about what your first kiss will be like. The lyrics describe crushes pretty perfectly. After all, don't you get a rush when you're around that one boy and wonder if he feels the same? Mandy Moore knows how all of us girls think and this song proves it.

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