7 Songs That Will Inspire Confidence in You ...

Every now and then, itโ€™s helpful to sit down and listen to a few songs that will inspire confidence in you. Music alone can be therapeutic for the heart, mind, and more importantly, the soul. Songs in general can carry different messages, talking about everything from money and cars to love and relationships. However, music that encourages self-empowerment can sometimes be very beneficial for you. Here are seven songs that will inspire confidence in you whenever you feel unsure of yourself.


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Michael Jackson's โ€œBadโ€ is surely one of the songs that will inspire confidence in you. Not only that, it will make you feel like nothing can stand in your way. Jackson has always and will forever be known for his โ€œeargasmic" hits, but this one in particular is definitely one that makes you feel like no one can come against you - especially your foes. Sometimes you just have to remind yourself and others who is in charge of your life and destiny!

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