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If you are like me, you need to have tons of great songs for your sleeping playlist. A great sleeping playlist does more than just put you to bed. It clears your head of all the thoughts that can keep you up. It creates a mellow vibe for you to drift off to. While there are so many great songs for your sleeping playlist, here are some of my personal favorites. Just try not to fall asleep by the end of this post.

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Kiss Me by Ed Sheeran


While I think that all of Ed Sheeran’s songs would be perfect songs for your sleeping playlist, I chose "Kiss Me" for its acoustic feel and mellow vocals. Sheeran almost whispers his lyrics, which is the perfect tone to fall asleep to. When I listen to this song, I feel as if the music is falling over me like a blanket.


Skinny Love by Birdy


Birdy has such an incredible and unique voice, which she lends to this cover of the Bon Iver song. Her voice is soft and mellow, which is perfect to calm your mind as you lie in bed. The piano supporting her voice only adds to the charm of this song for your sleeping playlist.


I’ll Follow You by Jon McLaughlin


Similar to Birdy’s song, "I’ll Follow You" by Jon McLaughlin offers such an incredible piano accompaniment. Pair that with McLaughlin’s voice and you have a winner for your sleeping playlist. I have always been in love with McLaughlin, but his usually upbeat music was never the right fit for my sleep playlist. "I’ll Follow You" combines the best lyrics, vocals, and instruments to help you drift off to sleep


Wanted by Hunter Hayes


If you want more of a country feel in the songs for your sleeping playlist, check out "Wanted" by Hunter Hayes. It is soft enough to fall asleep to, but still has that country feel that so many upbeat songs offer. Hayes has such a unique voice and his lyrics only add to his already impressive songs. I guarantee if you listen to this song as you fall asleep, you will be snuggled up in bed by the end of the song.


Radio by Lana Del Rey


Lana Del Rey’s soulful voice is the perfect sound to drift off to sleep to. "Radio" is a slow-paced yet intense song, which has wonderful piano and violin accompaniment in the background. This is the perfect song for your sleeping playlist if you are looking for a mellow tune that is not necessarily acoustic.


To Build a Home by the Cinematic Orchestra


If you are a lover of falling asleep to piano, you must have "To Build a Home" by the Cinematic Orchestra as one of the songs on your sleeping playlist. It has a relatively slow pace, which is perfect to drift off to sleep to. And it includes calming vocals that add to the peaceful theme of this song. Overall this song is one of my tops picks for my sleeping playlist.


Ocean by John Butler Trio


If you would prefer to fall asleep to music without vocals, then "Ocean" by John Butler Trio is a must-have for your sleeping playlist. John Butler is such an incredible guitarist and "Ocean" is one of the strongest pieces showcasing his talent. His guitar playing skills will have you sound asleep and snoring in no time.

Some people can’t sleep while listening to music, but some people prefer it. The perfect sleeping playlist can mellow you out and help you drift off as soon as your head hits the pillow. What did you think of these songs for a sleeping playlist? What are some of the songs on your sleeping playlist? What makes a good song to fall asleep to? Do you prefer to fall asleep to vocals or acoustic music?

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I love radio (lana del rey)

Also What About Angels by Birdy is unbelievable.

The first one, Kiss me by Ed Sheeran! Been listening to it these few days as bed time song.

Bon Iver/John Mayer/Ed Sheeran/Coldplay/Sleeping At Last 😁☺️

Ocean Is the most amazing piece of music on the planet. You should see him play it live! Most amazing, awe worthy moment of my life <3 The whole crowed was dead silent xx

Also Holocene by Bon Iver

Love me like you do-Justin Bieber (sorry I always talk about him, I'm a belieber hehe)

OMG!! I totally agree with your choices, especially Cinematic Ochestra and Birdy!! I would add Sarah McLachlan though.

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