7 Romantic Songs about Winter for a Cozy Night in ...

When it comes to romantic songs about winter, there are plenty of tunes that don't mention Christmas. Maybe you don't celebrate the holiday, or perhaps you just aren't ready to start thinking about Christmas because of all the stress that comes with it. Whatever the case may be, you're sure to find some romantic songs about winter on this list that will leave you feeling nice and cozy even though it's cold outside. So grab a cup of hot cocoa or eggnog and snuggle up with the one you love while listening to these amazing tunes:

1. "in the Cold, Cold Night" by the White Stripes

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This is one of the best romantic songs about winter for a gal who is longing for her lover on a chilly winter night. The music makes it sound a little sneaky, and this lyric proves that the tune is about a forbidden romance: "I don't care what other people say / I'm going to love you, anyway." The girl in the song also begs her lover to come see her, and she says that she just can't stand it any longer. So it's the perfect winter song to listen to while you're impatiently waiting for your winter Romeo to come calling. Just be sure to have a warm fire waiting for him after he braves the cold, cold night for you.

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