13 Relatable and Inspirational Eminem Songs to Listen to ...

While Eminem is one of those artists that you love or hate, you've got to admit that there are inspirational Eminem songs that everyone can relate to at some time in their life. Whether you are going through a death in your family or you are dealing with a relationship that is on the rocks, there are inspirational Eminem songs that can pull you through the tough times. Below, I've got 13 Eminem songs that have inspired me in one way or another and that have helped me in so, so many ways. Take a look!

1. Beautiful

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This is absolutely one of the best inspirational Eminem songs out there. This song is a song I throw on when I am depressed, a song that I throw on when I can't think of anyone else in the world I'd like to talk to and a song that helps pull me out of my slumps. We've all taken our bruises and lumps – wouldn't it be nice to relate to someone like Eminem though a beautiful song like this?

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