7 Perfect Songs for Those Lazy Summer Evenings ...

Who doesn’t enjoy listening to music and selecting perfect songs for lazy summer evenings, no matter the occasion. If you’ve got friends over and you’re grilling on your barbecue, or if you’re spending the evening alone, you can still enjoy the long, summer nights with some great sounds. I’ve put together a playlist of songs for lazy summer evenings that you can have fun with and mix up accordingly (as in they don’t have to be played in this order).

1. Summertime – Ella Fitzgerald

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One of the greatest songs for lazy summer evenings to listen to and sung by the Grammy-award winning American jazz vocalist, Ella Fitzgerald. She was famous for “Cry Me A River” and “Dream A Little Dream Of Me,” but “Summertime” in my opinion was one of her best slow and sultry songs. It’s perfect for those hot and humid balmy nights. Norah Jones and Leona Lewis both did renditions of this track, if you’re looking for an updated version.

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