7 Pentatonix Covers I Could Listen to All Day ...

There are SO many Pentatonix covers that I could just have on repeat all day long. It's not even fair how talented they all are! The group is currently in the middle of their North American tour which is sold out by the way! I have my fingers crossed that I might be able to snag some tickets whenever they come to my area. Check out some of my favorite Pentatonix covers!

1. Happy - Pharrell

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I'd like to start off by pointing out that the group posted this cover just a few weeks ago and they've racked up nearly four million views on it! That's incredible! Watching this video makes me, well, happy. I'm always so impressed by their a capella skills - it's mind-blowing! This is just one of the many Pentatonix covers that I could listen to all day.

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