7 of the Best Songs to Start the Day ...

The best songs to start the day set the morning off right. Whether it’s a low key melody perfect for your relaxing cup of tea and newspaper, or a bounce out of bed, moonwalk into the shower high-energy beat, great morning music gives you a reason to wake up smiling, look forward to the day ahead, and even practice your enviable dance moves! Set that alarm and turn up your speakers, Stalkers - we have dug through a mix of genres and from hip-hop to rock, we are counting down the 7 best songs to start the day.

1. Good Day - Greg Street Ft. Nappy Roots


Our first on the list of music for the morning is hip-hop anthem “Good Day” from Greg Street, featuring Nappy Roots. Though some rap songs can be a little hard edged, this is one of the best songs to start the day. Resisting this beat or the feel good lyrics of the chorus is nearly impossible. This song has just the right amount of attitude and is especially good on those days that you want a little extra swagger in your step. (Monday mornings, anyone?) It’s gonna be a good day!