7 Music Legends You Can Still See in Concert Today ...

It may be too late to see the Beatles or Elvis Presley in concert, but there are still plenty of music legends you can see in concert today. Reaching “legend” status isn’t easy and it normally takes years, if not decades, to achieve. Each of the artists on this list have done something exceptional in the field of music that has garnered them the title of music legend. Since no one tours forever, it’s best to see these amazing music legends while you still can. So check your nearest concert venue and see if any of these phenomenal live acts are coming to a city near you! Chances are, you won’t regret spending money on a ticket to see one of these music legends live.

1. Sir Paul McCartney

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Okay, so like I said, it may be too late to see the Beatles live in concert, but it not too late to see one of the remaining music legends from the band – Paul McCartney. Paul wrote classics such as “Hey Jude,” “Let It Be,” and “Yesterday.” He still performs some of these Beatles classics when he tours. Aside from his hits as a Beatle, Paul also had a successful career with his band Wings. You can hear all of his hits when you catch his tour! Paul McCartney is a true treasure to see live so do not pass up the chance to see this music legend live in concert!

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