Don't Have a "Song" with Your BF Yet? Listen to These!

Music can be a huge part of any relationship. If you and your significant other love music, having a “song” is probably very important to both of you. If you can’t find a song that perfectly sums up your relationship, I’ve got you covered. No matter the kind of relationship you have with your favorite guy, I’m sure that you’ll find a song here that reminds you of each other, whether you're together or apart, every single time you hear it!

1. You Are in Love by Taylor Swift

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I am in love with this song. Seriously, if you haven’t heard it, give it a listen. It has a little bit of a Bruce Springsteen vibe to it that makes it feel so timeless. She perfectly captures the feeling of falling in love, which is what everyone wants when they’re looking for a “song” to capture the essence of their relationship!

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