Dance Worthy Songs You Need on Your Beach Playlist ...


It’s summer and that means it’s time to give your playlist a makeover. You want fun, festive music that screams summer so you can have fun and dance whenever the mood strikes. There are loads of top choice options, but I’m bringing you some of the very best. Add these to your playlist and any situation will be a million times better. Summer is all about letting loose and having fun and you need these songs to do the season justice.

1. “Paradise” by Tove Lo

This song is all about summer love, but it also has the island beat and summery tempo that makes it perfect for dancing and singing along. I’d blast this tune on the beach from my iPod or during a backyard get together with friends. The words are fun and the instruments in the background are perfect for hot weather parties.

“That Summer Feeling” by Jonathan Richman
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