7 Cool Songs from Foreign Film Soundtracks ...

Sometimes all it takes to make a movie fantastic is its soundtrack, which is why I have complied a list of 7 cool songs from foreign film soundtracks. You know, because youโ€™re interested. I am personally a huge music buff, and I LOVE the discovery of new music to shake up my playlists. I especially love finding scores to narrate my life (you should try it), so Iโ€™ve included those too. Here are 7 cool songs from foreign film soundtracks to shake up your iPod (or whatever device you rock out with).

1. Monsoon Wedding

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Monsoon Wedding starts the list of 7 cool songs from foreign film soundtracks, because if you arenโ€™t listening to it, youโ€™re missing out. I personally am a huge fan of Bollywood films. Maybe itโ€™s because I love music and dancing in film (it should be in more films), but Monsoon Wedding has a beautiful mix of memorable music to a triumphant film. Itโ€™s no wonder itโ€™s one of the most infamous Bollywood films. Download Chunari Chunari by Anuradha Shriram and Adhijeet, to wake up your morning. Trust me, you canโ€™t help but dance when you hear this!

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