Music Videos 🎶 That Will Inspire 💡 You to do Chores like a Champ 💪🏼 ...


I’m pretty sure that A-list music stars don’t do their own housework and laundry but it’s nice to think they might actually do things in the real world. Maybe when they do chores and stuff in their videos they are actually remembering the days when they didn’t have people to everything for them. Maybe not! But anyway, maybe you’ll be inspired to get your own chores done when you do them along to these videos.

1. I Want to Break Free by Queen

When thinking about music stars who do housework, the first image that comes to many people’s minds is the iconic image of Freddie Mercury, dressed up the nines, casually but brilliantly vacuuming the floor of the fictional house in the legendary video for I Want to Break Free. Not many 80s rock stars could have got away with such an outlandish look, but for Freddie, it was just another day at the office!

Smells like Teen Spirit by Nirvana
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