7 Awesome Acoustic Performances by Cody SImpson ...


Nothing sounds better than sweet acoustic performances by Cody Simpson. That kid's got quite the voice! He released an acoustic EP a few months ago and it's been on repeat ever since. Sure, I love his studio stuff, but nothing beats acoustic versions. Am I right, or? Check out some of my favorite acoustic performances by Cody Simpson - let me know which ones your favorites are.

1. "all Day"

This is my favorite song of Cody's. I think the lyrics are so great and I love his vibe when he's performing it. I saw him perform this song live in New York and was really impressed with his vocals and how he managed to captivate the crowd. It's such a mellow, but totally feel-good song. This is just one of many awesome acoustic performances by Cody Simpson!

"pretty Brown Eyes"
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