7 90s Songs about Heartbreak to Help You through a Breakup ...

There are 90s songs about heartbreak to capture all of the different emotions that you feel after a breakup. There are songs about sadness, frustration, and having a hard time letting go. Just be forewarned: the tunes on this might leave you feeling a little nostalgic and just a tad sad. Or maybe these 90s songs about heartbreak will actually help you make it through a breakup:

1. "Don't Speak" by No Doubt

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When it comes to 90s songs about heartbreak, no one did a better job of describing a breakup than Gwen Stefani. Perhaps her pain was even more poignant since this song wasn't just about any ex-boyfriendβ€”it was about band mate Tony Kanal breaking up with her. She sings about losing her best friend, and she revisits the horror of hearing the dreaded breakup talk. The way she begs her lover to stop speaking can still make you feel sorry for the poor girl. But at least all that pain paid off in the form of a hit song and a future with Bush singer Gavin Rossdale.

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