7 Songs to Snuggle up and Listen to This November ...


If you’re on Spotify or a similar music app, you probably love coming up with new playlists every month.

There are just some songs that go so perfectly with certain months.

November is such a specific month when it comes to listening to music for me.

There are just some songs that sound perfect during the month of November.

They’re comforting, calming, and they sound amazing.

If you’re looking for songs to listen to this November, these songs need to be on your November playlist!2

1. My, My Love by Joshua Radin

This song just sounds like fall to me.

It has an indie vibe to it but it sounds like something you’d listen to in the fall.

It’s the perfect song to listen to whether you want to cuddle or if you just want to get cozy on your own on a cold day.

2. The One Who Loves You the Most by Brett Dennen

I have a theory that Brett Dennen makes music that is meant to be listened to in the fall, and The One Who Loves You the Most is really no exception.3

The soft melody, the pretty music, and the beautiful lyrics are more than enough to make this song play on repeat for you this November!

3. Darlin’ by Shelly Fraley

I don’t know what it is about November that makes me so nostalgic, but I always find myself being drawn to songs with retro and 50s vibes when the weather gets colder and we get closer to the holiday season.

This song is one of my favorites when I’m in those moods.

It obviously has the influences of modern music, but those retro vibes are definitely showing through as well!

4. Are You Lonesome Tonight? by Chris Botti and Paul Buchanan

Again, obviously I love retro vibes when it comes to music I listen to in November, so this song had to be on my list.2

I love this song in November because it was originally by Elvis Presley, which makes it feel like the perfect retro song.

Then, the way it’s composed in this version makes it almost sound like a Christmas song, which is perfect as the Christmas season approaches!

Disappearing by Dan Wilson
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