7 Songs for Your Summer Playlist ...


As the sun comes up and school comes to an end, the perfect songs for your summer playlist become a necessity.

The best songs for summer are the ones that get you in the mood to sit in the sun and embrace all the fun that summer offers.

Everyone has their own different summer playlists but here are a few of my own personal favorites.

1. Bom Bom by Sam and the Womp

On iTunes: itunes.apple.com

If you want to dance your pants off, this is a must for the songs for your summer playlist.

After just one listen you will break out in full-blown dance moves.

The lead singers incredible vocals paired with some awesome background trumpet make a winning combination.

2. Anna Sun by Walk the Moon

On iTunes: itunes.apple.com

This song has been around for while but is still the perfect song for driving around with your windows down and the wind in your hair.

What I love about Anna Sun is that it is upbeat but relaxing to listen to.2

I guarantee it will put you in a great mood and ready to enjoy all the fun that summer has in store.

3. Cโ€™mon by Ke$ha

On iTunes: itunes.apple.com

Getting ready for a night out with the girls?

This is the perfect song to get you in the mood to dance your heart out and have a good time.

Ke$ha might not be my favorite artists ever, but there is no denying that she has great pump up music.

4. My Songs Know What You Did in the Dark by Fall out Boy

On iTunes: itunes.apple.com

This is a throwback to the middle school because it is by Fall Out Boy.2

When I found out they were getting back together I was ecstatic, and this song is proof of why they should have never stopped making music.

What would any summer playlist be without a little bit of rock to mix things up a bit?

I Love It (I Donโ€™t Care) by Icona Pop
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