7 Funny Song Parodies to Listen to when You Need a Good Laugh ...


If you are in need of a good laugh, check out these funny song parodies.

Parodies are funny renditions of popular hits.

Sometimes they poke fun of the artist or the song, and other times they just use the music to make fun of something else.

Either way, it’s usually all in good fun!

Check out these funny song parodies – I guarantee you’ll get a good laugh.

1. Perform This Way – Weird Al Yankovic

One of my favorite funny song parodies is "Perform This Way" by Weird Al Yankovic.

In this song, Weird Al parodies Lady Gaga’s hit "Born This Way." In the song, Weird Al sings, “I might be wearin’ Swiss cheese or maybe covered with bees.

It doesn’t mean I’m crazy, I perform this way.”

2. What Does Your Mom Say? – Blueye Productions

"What Does Your Mom Say?" is Blueye Productions’ version of "What Does the Fox Say?" In the song, the singer is conflicted about having Thanksgiving and Hanukkah on the same day.2

The chorus details things your mom would say during the stressful dilemma.

3. We Can’t Stop – Key of Awesome

Miley Cyrus may be an easy target right now, but that doesn’t mean Key of Awesome’s version of "We Can’t Stop" isn’t funny.

There are many funny lines in the parody, one of my favorites being, “Ain’t ever gonna marry Thor’s brother," obviously poking fun at her relationship with Liam Hemsworth.3

4. Look at This Instagram – College Humor

"Look at This Instagram" by College Humor is a parody of Nickelback’s hit "Photograph." The song, as I’m sure you guessed, is about all the cliché photographs people take on Instagram.

This whole video makes me laugh and I hate to admit that I’m guilty of more than a few of the clichés mentioned.

This line really got me laughing, “Look at this Instagram, eggs Benedict, side of ham.

Started out as a lemon tart, then my phone went and made it art.”

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