9 Sweet Slow Dance 💃🏼 Songs to Dance to with Your BF 👫 ...


Don't you love watching couples in romantic comedies slow dance in their living rooms?

Well, you don't have to be jealous of a fictional character's love life, because you can do the same thing yourself.

All you need is the perfect song, because it's hard to slow dance to most of the music that pops up on the radio.

If you're in need of fitting songs, here are a few slow ones that you can dance to with your boyfriend:

1. Nothing like You and I by the Perishers

Here's a sweet song that's lovely to listen to while slow dancing with your boyfriend.

You're going to feel like the lyrics explain your relationship, because there's nothing like the two of you.

After all, every couple is unique.

2. First Day of My Life by Bright Eyes

Not all slow songs are boring and bland.

This one is pretty upbeat, but it's still great to slow dance to.

After all, it has an acoustic feel to it, which is utterly romantic.

Plus, if you listen to the lyrics, then you're going to melt.

It's the epitome of adorable.

3. Can't Help Falling in Love by Elvis Presley

There's nothing wrong with listening to the classics.

Elvis was the biggest name back in his day, and for good reason.

After all, he created soft songs like this that are perfect to listen to with your partner.

It'll make you feel like you're falling in love with him all over again.

4. Everything Has Changed by Taylor Swift

There are some songs that have been hits on pop radio that still work well when it comes to slow dancing.

You've probably heard this tune a dozen times before, but it never stops being romantic.

5. Say Something by a Great Big World

Now, this song may not be the happiest one in this great big world, but it certainly sounds sweet.

If you ignore the lyrics, then swaying to the beat of it with your boyfriend will feel about as romantic as it gets.

Unconditionally by Katy Perry
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