Coolest 😎 Summer Songs 🎢 from Your Fave Shows πŸ“Ί to Jam out to 🎀 ...


If you're anything like me, your music inspiration comes from your favorite shows.

I love finding hot new songs by hearing it on something like Grey's Anatomy.

Well if you never thought to do that, you can now!

This list of TV-inspired summer songs will be all you need to play in your car or at any summer bash you plan on throwing.2

Thanks for the inspiration!

1. Big Little Lies, Cold Little Heart, Michael Kiwanuka

This song became like a character in and of itself.

The music was so gorgeously folded into the major scenes in this expertly cast series.

And this tune is so soulful, haunting, and heartbreaking.

Much like the complex characters in their richly illuminated public lives and dark, secretive private lives.

And who can forget Zoe Kravitz as Bonnie doing that β€œDon’t” Elvis cover?

Yeah, we threw that one in the playlist, too.

2. GIRLS, God Knows (You Gotta Give to Get), El Perro Del Mar

GIRLS came to an end, and the final moments were so poignantly illustrated with music.

This song played earlier in the show as the characters’ lives drummed on to new avenues: Adam dating the strangely arresting Mimi-Rose, Ray beginning a campaign, and Hannah applying to be a schoolteacher.

3. GIRLS, past Lives, BΓΈrns

The kaleidoscopically colorful and Harajuku-loving experience Shoshanna lived in Japan was really well choreographed with this gorgeous BΓΈrns song.

4. Stranger Things, the Bargain Store, Dolly Parton

So many sounds on this show were perfectly otherworldly, ethereal, and spooky.2

Then, there were the '80s bangers and nods to music royalty (The Clash, Joy Division, The Smiths, David Bowie).

Many of the selections provided for a duplicitous viewing experience: the alien girl and her motley crew of neighborhood boys adventuring against a happy, sing-songy Dolly Parton jam?

Kitschy perfection.

Westworld, Black Hole Sun, Ramin Djawadi
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