7 Best Ways to Learn about Classical Music ...


There are lots of ways to learn about classical music if you'd like to discover this genre.

Perhaps you think that it isn't for you, and that listening to music by dead composers couldn't possibly be interesting.2

But plenty of musicians are writing classical pieces now, and it's an enduring genre.

How likely is it that people will still be listening to Justin Bieber in 200 years?

Try these ways to learn about classical music - there's bound to be something you love …

1. Movies

One of the best ways to learn about classical music is by watching movies.

Classical music is often used in movies;

you've probably heard some without even realising.

There are also movies about composers, such as 'The King is Dancing' (Lully) or 'Immortal Beloved' (Beethoven).

And if you haven't seen Disney's wonderful animation 'Fantasia', check it out.

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