7 Awesome New Bands You Should Be Listening to Right Now ...


With new music coming out everyday, there are so many new bands you should be listening to. 2014 seems like the breakout year for a lot of these new artists! The seven bands in this list are seven of my personal faves. I seriously hope they all break out and make it big in the music industry! Check out my picks for new bands you should be listening to. Let me know who else I should check out!

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Okay so, Rixton is my latest obsession. I just recently stumbled upon their YouTube videos and fell in love! They have such a cool vibe and are insanely talented. They're from the UK and are starting to get some buzz here in the U.S. They were even a part of MTV's 2014 Artists To Watch showcase in January! Isn't that pretty impressive? They definitely top my list for new bands you should be listening to.



Now that the Jonas Brothers are no longer a band, we need a new brother trio! AJR is just that. They have an awesome sound and feel. I love watching their acoustic videos because the lead singer truly is so talented! Their song "I'm Ready" is super catchy. Really, listen to this and try not to have it stuck in your head!


A Great Big World

This band has had HUGE success these past few months. Their song "Say Something" reached number one and Christina Aguilera herself took interest in recording a duet with them. However, "Say Something" isn't their only good song. This band is full of them! My favorite at the moment is "Rockstar." I definitely feel like they're a band to watch out for.



This band is awesome. "The Mother We Share" is the song that really made me take interest in them! I saw them live in NYC a while ago, and they were fantastic! They get super into the music and interact very nicely with the crowd. I was really impressed! They've had a lot of success lately, but it's only the beginning for them.



HAIM isn't a super new band, but believe it or not, there are still a bunch of people who don't know about them. That changes now! HAIM is made up of three beautiful sisters, who are all crazy talented. I fell in love with this band when they sang "The Wire" live on SNL. They were great!


Jake Miller

Jake isn't a band, but he's definitely an artist you should be listening to. He's a rapper, but probably not one you're used to. Jake's goal is to make music that's relatable, yet family friendly. He strives to be positive in every song, and change people's lives with his music. He puts on an incredible show live and is an awesome performer. He's been getting a lot of attention lately, 2014 will definitely be his year!



This band is nothing short of awesome. They broke out in 2013 and had some ups and downs. However, I think they've settled all their differences and are ready to take 2014 by storm! Their music is great!

There you have it! These seven bands are some of my personal faves that I think everyone should be listening to now! Which bands would you have added? I'll check them out!

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Got to add Bat for Lashes to the list.

try 1975!!! theyre awesome!

Jake Miller is so damn hot! just saying... :)

Thank you for showing me new music!!!

you forgot the vamps

The 1975 are good!

Not a band but I absolutely loooove Benjamin Frances Leftwich

I like the bands you used good choices

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