7 Amazing Soundtracks to Listen to ...


7 Amazing Soundtracks to Listen to ...
7 Amazing Soundtracks to Listen to ...

There are some truly amazing soundtracks out there! No matter what type of music you like, there is at least one fantastic soundtrack for it. Below, I've detailed out exactly what amazing soundtracks are out there, so that you can take full advantage of what music is there and what soundtracks you should be on the lookout for! So, you ready to see what type of music I love?

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Pitch Perfect

Pitch Perfect itunes.apple.com

Oh man, I have to say that one of my top amazing soundtracks is Pitch Perfect. I love everything about this soundtrack! From all of the mash-ups to the actual songs that grace this incredible soundtrack, you'll love it! Just pop it in and you've got all of the road trip music in the world!


Romeo + Juliet

Romeo + Juliet itunes.apple.com

If you want a soundtrack that will bring you straight back to the '90s, this is the soundtrack for you! It's filled with Butthole Surfers, Gavin Friday and Everclear – along with some Radiohead mixed in. I love, love, love this soundtrack so much! It's beautiful and the ideal soundtrack if you want to relive your '90s childhood a bit! Don't forget to check out the second volume, too!


(500) Days of Summer

(500) Days of Summer itunes.apple.com

If you're looking for a soundtrack that is full of everything hippy, everything amazing, everything different and everything beautiful, this is the soundtrack for you! It's got some Doves, The Smiths, Black Lips and Wolfmother – all of my faves! It's a great soundtrack that I love!


Nick & Norah's Infinite Playlist

Nick & Norah's Infinite Playlist itunes.apple.com

I think that this movie is not only super sweet, but I love everyone in it! The soundtrack to this movie, though? It's amazing! Shout Out Louds, Takka Takka, Vampire Weekend? How great are these bands? They are absolutely amazing and this entire soundtrack is perfect for the punk in you!


Across the Universe

Across the Universe itunes.apple.com

This movie is so, so good and the soundtrack is even better! Even if you haven't seen the movie, get the soundtrack. It has everything, from actress Evan Rachel Wood to Dana Fuchs on it and everything in between! It's one soundtrack that is constantly playing on my iPhone! All of the sounds are inspiring and ever-so-deep, which makes the soundtrack that much better!



Juno itunes.apple.com

Another fantastic soundtrack is Juno! I love this movie – seriously, it's amazing but the soundtrack is even better! It's full of The Moldy Peaches, Cat Power and Kimya Dawson! It's a great, fun and happy soundtrack that really brought me back to my childhood! All of the songs are hippy and so, so cute! Currently, one of my favorite songs is by Barry Louis Polisar, All I Want is You. Check it out, it's an amazing song!


Empire Records

Empire Records itunes.apple.com

Finally, if you want another fantastic '90s soundtrack, who could forget about Empire Records? This was the greatest '90s film out there, but the soundtrack is even better! Everything from The Gin Blossoms all the way to The Cruel Sea! Listen to it – it's awesome! There are so many of my favorite songs on this incredible soundtrack!

These are just a few of my favorite soundtracks, but there are tons more out there! Do you have any favorite soundtracks? Give 'em up in the comments! Come on, I know that you all have some favorite soundtracks to share with me.

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LOL's soundtrack is a good one to listen to also !

This one is from the 80's - but it's one of my favorites - "The Lost Boys"


Iron jawed angles!

Great gatsby!!!!! Amazing!!

Nick and Norah is my fave movie!

Don't forget about the oldie but goodie CRUEL INTENTIONS. Still love it!!

Awesome list!!!!!

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