7 Talented Musicians Who Died Too Young ...

Sadly there are many musicians who died too young. Some defined a genre, some defined a generation, but even though they are no longer with us, their music continues to live on and inspire the next wave of melodic talent. So many promising individuals and bands fail to make a breakthrough in what is a very competitive environment, but even those that manage to make the step from small sweaty clubs to packed anthemic arenas can struggle to cope with the pressures of the music industry. Rather worryingly, this list of musicians who died too young could have gone well into double figures. Let us reflect on what could and ultimately what should have been.

1. Amy Winehouse

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Amy Winehouse is one of many talented musicians who died too young. I cannot believe that it is already over three years since we lost the blue-eyed soulful vocals of the 27-year-old. Her personal battles with substance abuse were well documented and she frequently made national newspaper headlines for all the wrong reasons. However, this should not detract from the actuality that she was one of the finest singers of the modern era.

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