7 Songs That'll Increase Sexual Tension on a Date ...

By Holly

If you want to set the mood on a date, all you have to do is find the right type of music to play. When your date hears certain songs, kissing you will be the only thing on his mind. It's a surefire way to encourage him to hurry up and make the first move. Here are some of the hottest songs that'll increase sexual tension on a date:

1 Hands All over by Maroon 5

Sure, Maroon 5 is popular, but for some reason this song didn't become the big hit that it was destined to be. It has a catchy rhythm, sexual lyrics, and even an amazing music video. If you want to let your date know what's on your mind, play this song for him while you're sitting in the car together. His hands will be all over you in no time.

2 Touch a Touch a Touch Me from the Rocky Horror Picture Show

If your date doesn't mind musicals, then you should play this song from The Rocky Horror Picture Show. Once it gets to the chorus, you'll both want to climb on top of each other. It's hard to resist touching while listening to such a sensual song.

3 Always by Blink 182

This song is an old one, but the chorus has some pretty romantic lyrics. It's all about how the singer wants to be with his lover for the rest of his days. If you want to hold, touch, kiss, and taste your date, this song will let him know it.

4 Love Game by Lady Gaga

Everyone has heard this song before, so it'll be easy for you two to sing along. If you've never realized it before, it's all about a woman who can't wait to get it on with a man. It'll make your intentions pretty clear, so he shouldn't hesitate to kiss you. Of course, if he doesn't move from his spot, there's nothing wrong with you being the brave one to go in for the kiss.

5 Sexy Drug by Falling in Reverse

This song came out pretty recently, so your date probably hasn't heard it before. There are some pretty clever lyrics in it, so if you're a fan of sexual innuendoes, you should enjoy listening to it. If you have a certain sense of humor, it might even make you laugh.

6 I Wanna by the All American Rejects

The All American Rejects have plenty of sexual songs, so if you're not a fan of this one, you could listen to Dance Inside or Fast & Slow. Of course, this is probably the best one to play on your date, because it's pretty self-explanitory. It's all about a guy who wants to hold a girl. He just can't wait to touch her and knows that she wants to touch him, too.

7 Phone Sex by Trina

If you're a fan of rap, then this is the perfect song to get your juices flowing. Just beware, because there are some pretty explicit lyrics in it. If you don't mind a bit of crudeness, then this song will get both of your hearts racing.

Music is a great way to set the mood on a date. That's why you need to make sure you pick the right set of songs. It could be the difference between landing a kiss and going home alone. What other sexual songs do you love?

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