7 Songs That'll Increase Sexual Tension on a Date ...

If you want to set the mood on a date, all you have to do is find the right type of music to play. When your date hears certain songs, kissing you will be the only thing on his mind. It's a surefire way to encourage him to hurry up and make the first move. Here are some of the hottest songs that'll increase sexual tension on a date:

1. Hands All over by Maroon 5

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Sure, Maroon 5 is popular, but for some reason this song didn't become the big hit that it was destined to be. It has a catchy rhythm, sexual lyrics, and even an amazing music video. If you want to let your date know what's on your mind, play this song for him while you're sitting in the car together. His hands will be all over you in no time.

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