7 Songs to Play at Your Next Birthday Party ...

Finding songs for your birthday party can be really tough depending on how and where you choose to celebrate. If you plan on being the DJ for the evening or at least giving the people in charge a list of songs you want to hear, this compilation can help send you and your party guests in the right direction. Dancing and having a good time should really be a part of any birthday celebration, so consider playing these fun-loving songs at your next extravaganza and I can almost guarantee an awesome night. And now for opening Pandora’s box to a list of spectacular songs for your birthday party!

1. In Da Club by 50 Cent


You may not be the biggest fan of rap music but this is a surefire classic for any birthday party. However, most young adults choose to rock out their 21st birthdays at clubs and bars. So if this sounds like you, I would definitely recommend adding this classic birthday ballad to your playlist of songs for your birthday party. You simply cannot go wrong and the lyrics promote happiness and good vibes, which is what you want on your big day anyway.