7 Songs for Your Sleeping Playlist ...


If you are like me, you need to have tons of great songs for your sleeping playlist. A great sleeping playlist does more than just put you to bed. It clears your head of all the thoughts that can keep you up. It creates a mellow vibe for you to drift off to. While there are so many great songs for your sleeping playlist, here are some of my personal favorites. Just try not to fall asleep by the end of this post.

1. Kiss Me by Ed Sheeran


While I think that all of Ed Sheeran’s songs would be perfect songs for your sleeping playlist, I chose "Kiss Me" for its acoustic feel and mellow vocals. Sheeran almost whispers his lyrics, which is the perfect tone to fall asleep to. When I listen to this song, I feel as if the music is falling over me like a blanket.

Skinny Love by Birdy
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