7 Songs by Colbie Caillat That Makes You Feel Beautiful ...

I was introduced to songs by Colbie Caillat in early 2008 when a friend was gushing about the existence of this singer-songwriter, who she said "makes the world a better place to live in." And she’s not kidding! Because the songs by Colbie Caillat, from her first album, Coco, practically saved her from an earth-shattering heartbreak/future marriage. So yes, thanks Colbie, for your songs! I have been listening to her for five years now and she does make the listener feel good. Here are seven of her songs that will make you feel beautiful:

1. Bubbly

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The songs by Colbie Caillat generally have that acoustic feel, accentuated by her warm vocals. This song, co-written with Jason Reeves, is one of those tunes that just put her trademark tone at the top of the billboard. "Bubbly" makes me feel giddy, happy, and reminds me of that high school crush, who asked me to be his prom date.

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