9 Song Remakes That Are so Much Better than the Original ...

Everything old is new again – that saying is so true, especially when it comes to covers, also known as song remakes. If it seems like that “new” song on the radio sounds awfully familiar, it’s probably because it’s actually a remake of a song you already know. Some covers are terrible, an insult to the original; others are so fantastic, they’re almost unrecognizable. Those reinterpretations make me giddy – they’re so much fun! Here are a few of my favorites, song remakes that are, in most cases, even better than the original.

1. Jose Gonzalez – Heartbeats

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Topping my list of song remakes that are better than the original – WAY better – is this heart-breaking song by Jose Gonzalez, originally a bad, bad dance track by The Knife. When Gonzalez sings it, you feel his loss. When The Knife sings it, you cringe and change the track.

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