7 Refreshing Songs to Blast in the Car on a Bad Day ...

When you're having a rough day, there are refreshing songs you can blast in your car or your bedroom. There's no sense in wallowing in your misery. Sometimes, you just have to scream out some lyrics in order to feel better. Here are some refreshing songs to listen to the next time you're angry about a guy, your financial situation, or life in general:

1. Crazy Ex Girlfriend by Miranda Lambert

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This is one of the refreshing songs that is perfect for whenever you run into an ex. There's nothing wrong with getting a little crazy when you see your old flame with a new girl--especially if she looks like a supermodel. You don't want to start throwing things around, so you can let your emotions loose by singing along to these angry lyrics. If you've ever run into an ex and his new girl, then you already know exactly how Miranda feels.

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