7 K-pop Groups You Should Be Listening to ...

K-pop bands are becoming increasingly popular across the globe. Korean pop is fun, upbeat, and refreshing music sung by some of Korea's most talented singers! But not all k-pop bands are created equal... here is a handful of the best bands you should be listening to!

1. Exo

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Among the most popular k-pop bands is definitely EXO. Their fan-base is widespread and dedicated to the 11-member boy band. Earlier this year, when one member left the group, many fans' hearts were broken. Fortunately though, the remaining members still stand and sing united. Their songs, such as "MAMA" and "Growl," captivate audiences around the world. EXO is made up of two groups, EXO-K, that performs music in Korean, and EXO-M, that performs music in Mandarin.

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