7 Wonderful 😊 Thanksgiving Songs to Listen to 👂🏼 when You Aren't Ready for X-Mas 🎄 Music 🎶 ...

Too many people forget about Thanksgiving and skip straight to Christmas. However, it's not time for holiday music yet. Don't put up your tree and play jingles, because there are plenty of Thanksgiving songs that you can sit back and enjoy. Here are a few of them to get you in the spirit:

1. The Thanksgiving Song by Adam Sandler

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You've probably heard Adam Sandler's Hanukkah song before, but have you heard his Thanksgiving song yet? It's just as ridiculous as you'd expect it to be. Of course, Sandler's silliness is why we all love him so much. He can always make us laugh with his randomness, which is why you need to listen to this song while you're munching on turkey later this month.

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