15 🌟 Best Songs 🎢 for Hotter Sex πŸ”₯ ...

To quote some of my favorite girls, The GoGo’s, β€œWe got the beat!” and this leads me to best songs for hotter sex. Along with my passion for writing about love and sex, I am an avid music connoisseur. Clearly, I took this opportunity to pair the two skills.

Having music on during anything sexual is a total game changer. Using the beat of songs to help you and your partners’ movements sync up can actually create a more flourishing experience and lead to a better climax.

Researchers from McGill University found that listening to music prompts the release of dopamine, the β€œfeel good drug” so, believe me when I say adding in some killer jams actually makes sex more enjoyable. Especially, if you are someone who can squirt, being able to release your body and mind into that state of euphoria is one of the main ways to really make things wet.

Or how about when you’re riding a guy, and think to yourself, β€œI wish I had some music on to grind too?” because let’s be honest girls, we all blow his mind just a little bit more when we move our hips to the beat of a song. Below is a list of the 15 best songs for hotter sex!


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If you want to have some passionate love making, throw this jam on asap. Let your guy grind his hips, blow your mind, and throw you into a loop of repetitious orgasms.

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