Annoyingly πŸ˜’ Catchy Songs 🎧 You Won't Get out of Your Head πŸ™ƒ ...

There are all types of music🎢, but perhaps the most infuriating are the ones that stay in your head no matter what. These can be so annoying, but they are so catchy that you can’t shake them. I’m sure you’re imagining a song in your head right now, because they’re not uncommon. We can all think of at least one song that fits this description, but we have compiled a list here as well to really drive the point home.

1. Girlfriend by Avril Lavigne

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This iconic song by 2000’s legend Avril Lavigne is impossible not to sing along to. The chorus is repetitive and easy to chat. β€œHey hey you you I don’t like your girlfriend!” became the slogan for 2006. All fan bases tend to relate to songs about relationships, and it reached charts in many countries. Plus we love the music video.

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