The Story of My Freshman Year 🏫 in a Playlist 🎧 for Girls Who Need Music 🎶 in Their Day 📆 ...


Summer tunes.

Summer’s blues.

This is the story of my freshman year (in a playlist).3

That summed up my mood change from ending summer break and jumping right into college.

Then, there comes winter and spring break, which is always nice too.

As a college student, I always had my to go-to playlist for different reasons.

One of them being how introverted I was, refusing to start small talk with anyone.

I was a shy kid.

It may be a bit over three years since I graduated college, but you may recognize some of these artists and their famous tracks (or, infamous ones;2

depending how you see it).

So…what was a day like for me?

Here's the story of my freshman year (in a playlist).

1. 5am

John Mayer’s “Waiting on the World to Change” – waking up for the day (for whatever reason, I decided that 7am classes were for the best)

2. 6:45am

John Mayer’s “Half of my Heart” – ah, yes when John and Tay Tay were dating, which made the perfect tune walking from my car to the first class of the day.2

3. 7am Class

Seriously, having fifty-minute classes was the best.

4. 8am

Desire’s “Under Your Spell” – That Ryan Gosling’s “Drive” was an awesome film!

The soundtrack was just as great, especially when I developed a crush on another fellow film major.2

It did not help that he was also an actor.3

Every girl’s dream, right?

5. 8:45am

Darkness’ “I Believe in a Thing Called Love” – I was so emotional and easily got upset when the boy did not seem to notice me, or was just not interested.

I had a tendency of matching my mood to the perfect song.2

Plus, this was pre-Tay Tay’s “Shake It Off.”

6. 9am Class

I got through another one and then more music.

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