7 Sexy Songs about Liking Bad Boys ...


Each and every one of us has fallen for a bad boy at some point in our lives.2

Even though we know they're probably going to break our hearts, it doesn't stop us from lusting after them.2

After all, they're just so much fun to flirt with.

If that sounds like you, here are a few songs about liking bad boys that you should be able to relate to:

1. Ghost by Halsey

Skip to 0:30 to actually start this fun song.

If you've never listened to Halsey before, you're missing out.

She's bound to be big, because she has an amazing voice and dozens of catchy tunes.

After you listen to this song, about liking bad boys in leather, you should listen to the rest of her album.

You won't be disappointed.

2. Bad Boys by Zara Larsson

Here's another song about not being able to resist the boys who are bound to break our hearts.2

It has lyrics like, "There's something 'bout the bad boys that makes the good girls fall in love." We all know how true that line is.

After all, we're about as good as they come, aren't we?

3. Good Girls Bad Guys by Falling in Reverse

Skip to 1:35 to skip the intro and actually start the song.2

It's told from a man's point of view.

He knows he's a "bad boy" and he's wondering why so many good girls fall for him.

He knows that he's going to end up hurting them, but he can't stay away from them, just like they can't stay away from him.

4. Good Girls Go Bad by Cobra Starship and Leighton Meester

You know Leighton as Blair from Gossip Girl.

Of course, she can do more than act.

She sings half of this song, which is about a good girl deciding to act like a badass for the night.

It'll push you to go out and have fun.

Just don't forget to think of the consequences of your actions.

Criminal by Britney Spears
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