7 Powerful Songs🎤for Girls Who Need Reminding How Strong and Fabulous They Are💪💎 ...


Life is tough.

It doesn't matter who you are or where you're from, because you're bound to go through some rough times.

Even though it might be impossible to change your situation, it's entirely possible to change your way of dealing with it.

Never assume that you won't be able to make it through the day.2

You're stronger than you realize.

To prove it, here are a few reassuring songs that'll remind you you're a survivor:

1. Fight Song by Rachel Platten

You might've heard this song on the radio, because it's been pretty popular recently.

It's all about a woman who is able to take care of herself.2

Even though she's been through dark times, she still has a lot of fight left in her.

The chorus on its own is inspirational: "This is my fight song.

Take back my life song.

Prove I'm all right song."

2. Now You Know by Icon for Hire

Don't let others tear you down.

Just because they think you lack the strength or the ability to do something doesn't mean that they're correct, and this song proves it.

It's about a girl who made it in the music industry without sleeping with a man or showing too much skin.

She was able to get by on her talents, and so can you.

3. You Are Loved (Don’t Give up) by Josh Groban

No one else's voice is as calming and reassuring as Josh Groban.

When he tells you that you're loved and that you shouldn't give up, it's easy to believe him.

So take the singer's advice and remember that you can make it through anything.

Don't give up, because there are people out there who love you and are rooting for you.

4. Keep Holding on by Falling in Reverse

This song is about the success that Falling In Reverse has had.

The singer can't believe that a guy like him has reached his dreams, so he encourages everyone else to hold on, because the same can happen to them.

He believes that if he can do it, then anyone can.

Stronger by Kelly Clarkson
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