7 Fabulous Songs That'll Make You You'll Feel like a Model ...


If you want to feel like a model, there are fabulous songs with beats that'll make you want to strut around town.

Forget about beauty, because confidence is the most important trait in any woman walking the catwalk.2

Here are a few songs that will make you want to strut your stuff while feeling just as talented as any model:

1. Glam by Christina Aguilera

If you're not sure how to behave like a model, this song will give you step by step instructions.

Like Christina says, it's all about your attitude and how you move.

As long as you keep your head high and wear your outfit with confidence, you're on your way to feeling like a model.2

It's all in your head, so keep your thoughts positive.

2. Strut by Adam Lambert

Once you reach the chorus of this song, you won't be able to remain seated.

It just makes you want to get up and move around.

If you're not happy with your walk or posture, now is the time to practice strutting.

Let Adam's voice encourage you to show yourself off.

3. Supermodel by Taylor Dayne

You can't find a better catwalk song than this one.

I mean, the title is even called Supermodel, because it'll make you feel just like one.

If the song sounds familiar, it's probably because you heard it back in the day.

It was in The Lizzie McGuire Movie, which every girl has to watch at least once.

Even though the soundtrack is old, the song is just as catchy today as it was back then.

4. Man! I Feel like a Woman by Shania Twain

This song doesn't talk about modeling at all, but man will it make you feel like a woman.3

If you're low on confidence, this song will change that in a flash.

It'll remind you of how amazing it is to be a girl.

Even though our gender has its downsides, it can be pretty fun to flaunt our looks.

So don't be shy about wearing that short skirt and go have some fun.

Vogue by Madonna
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