7 Cool Alternative Lullabies Your Little One Will Love ...


I don’t know about you but when it comes to bedtime music to play for my little one, I get a little sick of the same old, same old, so I went searching for cool alternative lullabies to play for my son that wouldn’t make me want to pull my own hair out.

Luckily for you, I’m willing to share my findings for the sanity of this generation’s mothers.

Here are 7 cool alternative lullabies.

1. Pure Imagination by the Rest

I LOVED this song in Charlie and The Chocolate Factory but The Rest made it a cool dreamy cover.

It’s got the same sweet feel but with a modern reboot.

I find myself hitting repeat on it in the car even when my son isn’t with me, which is one of the reasons it's earned the top spot on my list of cool alternative lullabies - it's my favorite.

2. Rainbow Connection by Trespassers William

I am a huge fan of Trespassers William but nothing beats hearing their sweet voices cover a song that I first heard being sung by Kermit the Frog.2

I think even Kermit would be green with envy (pardon the pun) if he could hear how his song has been remade into something soft and light.

I like this even more than the Sarah McLachlan version, and that's saying something.

And yes, the photo above?

It's the same album as the first song I recommended.

Two for one!

3. Inchworm by the Leisure Society

It may just be me but I like to give my baby boy a little bit of silly time to shake off that last bit of energy while we get his bedtime routine done.

This is the song I let him do a little bouncing to while he’s in the tub.

It’s got a slow start but it’s such a happy little tune it puts him right in the mood to cuddle with his momma...

and yep!

This song is on the same album as the first two songs!

Dream a Little Dream of Me by Dala
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