11 Awesome New Indie Bands You Should Be Listening to ...


There are so many cool new indie bands you should add to your playlist.2

The amazing thing about music is that there is ALWAYS a new band to obsess over!

I'm constantly clicking through random videos on YouTube and always stumble across new discoveries.

Here are some new indie bands you should be listening to:

1. Young Rising Sons

Young Rising Sons' "High" was featured on a promo for FOX's "Red Band Society" and I fell in absolute love with the song!

They're such a cool band and are based in New Jersey.

You can catch them on tour currently with The 1975.

Impressive, huh?

They're just one of the awesome new indie bands you should be listening to!

2. Zella Day

Zella Day is my new favorite artist.

Her song "Hypnotic" was iTunes' free single of the week and after downloading it, I couldn't remember how I lived without it.

It's SO good!

Naturally, I had to go on iTunes and download the rest of her stuff as well.

She was actually part of CMJ this year but I, unfortunately, didn't get the chance to see her perform!

3. False Puppet

False Puppet is a music discovery I made just a few weeks ago and I'm so happy that I did!2

They have some pretty amazing songs and their good looks don't hurt either.


4. Portugal. the Man

I've heard a few songs from Portugal.

The Man but I just recently become a serious fan.2

His music is so good!

5. Years & Years

If you're from London, you've probably already heard of Years &

Years but the band is still flying under the radar here in the U.S.

I actually discovered their music when I heard a snippet of one of their songs in a popular Vine video.

After that, I looked them up, listened to all their songs, and fell in love!

I can't wait until they make the crossover to the U.S.

music market.

Amber Run
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