7 Awesome Indie Bands Worth Listening to This Summer ...


On those humid and exceedingly hot days where you can't leave your house because it feels as if the weather is out to get you, there are awesome indie bands that you should make note of.

Sitting underneath a cracked window or dancing in front of your air-conditioner, these band will leave you feeling refreshed and rejuvenated!

You will not regret diving wholeheartedly into the music of these thriving artists.

Whether you find yourself hypnotized by synth-pop sounds or caressed by sultry vocals, the point is that these are some of the most awesome indie bands worth listening to this summer!

1. Mumford & Sons

Mumford & Sons

This English folk rock band has been making itself known Stateside ever since the debut of their album "Sigh No More," proving themselves to be one of the most awesome indie bands.

This band has also steadily become one of my favorites.

With lovely and deep tunes such as "I Will Wait" and "White Blank Page," it won't be long before Mumford &

Sons becomes a household name!

2. Passion Pit

Passion Pit

Led by indie frontman Michael Angelakos, Passion Pit has been making ripples in the airwaves for quite some time.

"Sleepyhead" and "Talk a Walk" are sure to become your summer anthems!

Each tune by Passion Pit is radio-friendly and catchy;

I can never quite get any of the songs from β€œGossamer” out of my head and I'm pretty sure that I will never want to!

3. The Lumineers

The Lumineers

I find The Lumineers' music to be quite soothing and exuberant.

Winning over the hearts of many indie lovers with their song "Ho Hey," this band's debut album shows that there are more gems to offer.

Listen to "Dead Sea," "Flapper Girl," and "Stubborn Love," and you'll find it hard to disagree!3

4. Florence + the Machine

Florence + the Machine

I personally like to hail Florence Welsh as the queen of the music scene.

Her powerful rock ballads "Cosmic Love" and "Heavy in Your Arms" won me over to the point where I had to see her perform them live last year.2

It is always a welcomed perk to see that an artist sounds the same, if not better, in person!

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