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Nowadays music is all about on/offline streaming from services like Spotify, Pandora, Rdio and Tidal. Rarely do you still find people who individually purchase their music. As this is currently the hottest trend in digital music, Apple, like the competitive corporation that it is, decided to introduce their own service in the hopes of topping all the rest. So is Apple Music just as good as they wanted it to be? It’s too soon to tell, but here’s what you need to know about this new Apple service.

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It’s a Subscription-based Music Streaming Service

So first things first, what is Apple Music? All in all, it is a subscription-based music streaming service that provides access to Apple Music’s entire library, which contains over 30 million songs. It comes with several other features that connect artists to fans and it provides coverage of global radios at any time of the day.


It Costs $9.99 per Month

Apple Music is not just a revamped version of iTunes since, with Apple Music, you pay a flat fee to unlock access to the entire catalogue, but you don’t actually own any of it. The subscription costs $9.99 per month, or $14.99 for a family membership for up to six people!


It’s Available on Android Devices Too

Apple users are not the only ones who will be able to test out Apple Music, since Android users will also be able to have access starting this fall. And on top of that, Apple Music will expand to Apple TV around the same time. Broader access means more music for everyone!


There is a Beats 1 Feature

While we are not new to radio on the Internet, Beats 1 promises to deliver a special selection of songs, interviews with artists and media news around-the-clock. Plus you’ll be able to broadcast music from top notch DJs based in LA, NY and London.


Connect Feature Offers Artist-based Social Networking

Connect allows subscribers to follow artists and interact with them within the Apple Music service, and it gives the artists an opportunity to share special content fans wouldn’t be able to hear anywhere else. So far there are Connect profiles for Drake, Bastille, Pharrell and many more.


It Offers Curated Playlists That Fit Your Personal Taste

Another feature that stands out with Apple Music is their curated selection of playlists. You’ll no longer find suggestions of artists and songs to listen to made by algorithms but now by actual people who will tailor the recommendations to your personal taste. Go Apple!


There is a Free Trial!

Still not sure if Apple Music is worth the monthly investment? Don’t worry, there is no need to commit right away since there is a free three-month trial! And you probably heard about it after the whole Taylor Swift fiasco. But going back to my point, you can test out the waters and enjoy the newly offered features without paying a penny!

More music streaming platforms mean more competition. So do you think Apple Music will replace your favorite playlists on Spotify?


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Is it possible to terminate the subscription after the first three months?

I'm not a big fan of Apple Music at the moment. I've made 3 playlists and sometimes when I open one up, I don't have any songs on it. I've made all my playlists available offline. So I don't know what happened. Another issue is when I was to play a playlist, it merges through all 3 of my playlists instead. Apple Music also doesn't get as loud as Spotify. I'm not happy so far and I don't think it's worth the investment unless they fix it.

Actually in order to get the first 3 months free, you have to pay for the 4th month in advance, so it's technically not really free, you're just getting 4 months of the music for the price of one, not that that's a bad thing haha

Anyone know if you can use the playlists you create/listen to the songs that you stream while offline?

While listening to iTunes radio, how do you add songs to your wish list? I've tried the little heart that's left of the dock thing, but that doesn't add the song to your wish list. If anyone knows, please tell me!:)

yes you can, there's 3 little dots on the right beside every artist, tap it and options come up, tap the make available offline option :)

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