7 Vinyls That You Should Add to Your Record Collection ...


Lately, vinyls have been making a major comeback!2

I gave into the craze and, I have to admit, there is something special about the sound a record player produces that’s different from anything you’ll hear on your iPhone’s speakers.

But not all vinyls deserve a spot in your collection;

here are all the vinyls you should own!

1. Album: Kind of Blue

Album: Kind of Blue

Artist: Miles Davis

Year: 1959

Undeniably, Miles Davis is one of the best artists of the 20th century.

Davis’s “Kind of Blue” is bound to become one of your favorite records in your collection.

His voice is unlike anyone else’s, but don’t take my word for it, hear for yourself!2

2. Album: Blonde on Blonde

Album: Blonde on Blonde

Artist: Bob Dylan

Year: 1966

Bob Dylan is a true artist if there ever was one!

His music is like poetry, and listening to it on vinyl is a true experience.

And one of his best albums is definitely “Blonde on Blonde”.

It's quirky, unique, and brilliant in every way.

But no medium really does it justice the way vinyl does.

3. Album: Led Zeppelin IV

Album: Led Zeppelin IV

Artist: Led Zeppelin

Year: 1971

Led Zeppelin is often the group people think of when they think of vinyls.

Many fans of the band consider “Led Zeppelin IV” the group's best album of their career, so it's a great starting place to get introduced into iconic 70's rock music!

4. Thriller


Artist: Michael Jackson

Year: 1982

My mom still reminisces about this album, which came out in her early 20's and was the anthem of her generation for some time.

A classic like that never gets old!

Michael Jackson was truly a talent, and no record collection would be complete without one of his most well-known albums.

5. The Lonesome Crowded West

The Lonesome Crowded West

Artist: Modest Mouse

Year: 1997

Indie music fans have to have this record in their collection!2

It was the group's second record, so they were still true to their original sound, but also more accustomed to making music.

For that reason, this record is brilliant, experimental, and a great musical journey!

That's why many indie rock fans consider it one of the best independent music records of the '90s.

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