The Ultimate Essentials for Music Fests ...


Planning your festival choices is super fun but with it comes the memory of last year's hiccoughs and disasters!

There's still time to prepare properly this time to make your festival experience the best it could possibly be.

1. Donโ€™t Forget the Essentials

You'll need your train or bus tickets, festival tickets, ID, cash and credit cards, keys and a guide book or map to get you there and back.

If you're driving, be sure to study maps well in advance and look up anything you don't understand about the directions on the Internet.

Remember to fill your tank with sufficient gas and have a spare tire in the boot.2

2. Yes You do Have to Pack Some Sensible Clothes

Prepare for all temperatures and seasons โ€“ especially if youโ€™re going to a festival in Europe.

Waterproofs, wellies (gum boots), a raincoat and a couple of warm jumpers, sun glasses, a change of socks, shoes, underwear and t-shirts for the number of days you plan to attend.

A sun hat or baseball cap wouldn't go amiss either for when the sun starts beating down.

3. Unless You Want a Stinkfest You Need Toiletries

Festivals are usually held in the middle of a field, nowhere near shops, so remember to pack toothbrush and toothpaste, soap, conditioner and shampoo, deodorant and a brush or comb.2

A camping mirror, towel and face cloth complete the picture.

You might also want to pack a packet of wipes and tissues.

The people you're sharing your tent with will thank you for your serious efforts at eradicating last year's stinkiness!

4. Better to Be Safe than Sorry so Pack Your Medication

You'll also need a first aid kit in case of emergencies, sunscreen with a high factor, any prescription drugs you're taking, insect repellent, contacts and cleaning solution, your glasses and their anti static cloth, a packet of aspirin or paracetemol for the headache you'll be suffering the morning after the big event and, in case you get lucky, contraception.

You Need Some Comfort so Letโ€™s Talk Camping Equipment and Luggage
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