5 K-Pop Bands 🎢 You Should ✌️ Know about πŸ—― ...

Let’s get into some great music with K-pop bands you should know about. If you haven’t heard of the K-pop phenomenon, then quite simply, where the hell have you been? K-pop is short for Korean pop and is a genre of music filled predominantly with boy bands from South Korea who are stylish, pretty, can sing, can rap and can dance. Watching any K-pop band in full flow is a true sight to behold and judging by the way that the music genre has left its native country and broken boundaries to become beloved all over the world, it doesn’t look like K-pop is disappearing any time soon! So as they, if you can’t beat them, you might as well join them! Just so you aren’t left completely out of the loop, here are 5 K-pop bands you should know about.

1. BTS

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BTS are the undisputed current kings of the K-pop scene, so much so in fact that their latest album, Love Yourself: Tear is the first by a K-pop band to make it to the top of the American charts. They have collaborated with a host of influential Western artists including The Chainsmokers, Fall Out Boy, Steve Aoki and even 90’s rapper Warren G! They are singlehandedly proving that Korean music is more than just Gangnam Style!

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