Documentaries That All Musos Should See ...


Love movies?

Love music?

Love biographies?

Love documentaries?

Then there’s plenty to keep you happily occupied in this selection of music documentaries.

1. Amy

A heartbreaking and engrossing account of the rise and fall of British singing superstar Amy Winehouse.

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2. Fresh Dressed

A cool and funky look into the relationship between the rise of hip-hop and the rise of urban street fashion.

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3. 20 Feet from Stardom

A celebration and exploration of the best backing singers in the world, finally giving them the spotlight they deserve.

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4. This is It

A fascinating behind the scenes look at the mammoth show Michael Jackson was preparing for before his untimely death.

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5. Searching for Sugar Man

An intriguing documentary about the filmmaker’s search for a cult 70s musician called Rodriguez.

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6. Sound City

A look at one of the most iconic locations in the history of classic rock and roll music from the 1970s to the modern day.

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7. Marley

A documentary about the life and cultural impact that reggae superstar Bob Marley had on the world.

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8. It Might Get Loud

A must for all lovers of rock guitar.

Get an insight into guitar courtesy of conversations and demonstrations by The Edge, Jimmy Plant and Jack White.

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9. Madonna: Truth or Dare

You have to watch this to see whether this is an expose of the real Madonna or a clever piece of manufactured marketing.

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10. Tom Dowd and the Language of Music

An introduction into the world of recording via the life of Atlantic Records engineer Tom Dowd.2

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11. Good Ol’ Freda

An insight into the world of the world’s most famous band ever – The Beatles – via their secretary, Freda Kelly.

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Kurt Cobain: Montage of Heck
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