7 anti-Suicide Songs to Give You Strength to Survive ...


No matter what your brain tells you, you're a valuable human being.2

Even when you feel like you have nothing left to live for, you have to keep trucking along.

Somewhere down the road, things will get a little brighter and you'll be thankful that you persevered.

Here are the most inspirational anti-suicide songs to give you strength to survive:

1. All around Me by Flyleaf

Flyleaf has tons of inspirational music that will make you happy to have a place on this planet.

The best part of this song is the chorus, when she simply says, "I'm alive." She'll start making you see your life as a blessing, instead of as a punishment.2

If you ever need to be lifted up, this song will help you gain a bit of positivity.

Hold on Till May by Pierce the Veil
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