7 Best Wedding Songs to Get Everyone on the Dance Floor ...


Wedding songs to get everyone on the dance floor are a must when you plan your wedding. You certainly don’t want everyone to stand around wondering what they should do when the music starts. Not all songs are conducive to dancing, but if you choose the right ones, your guests will be shaking it all night long and the memories from your wedding will be ones that no one will forget. Try these wedding songs to get everyone on the dance floor and don’t forget to get some pictures!

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John Cougar – Rockin’ in the USA

Nothing says dancing like John Cougar! This song has a catchy title that will get toes tapping and booties shaking, but it isn’t that same old YMCA that everyone is probably expecting. This is one of the best wedding songs to get everyone on the dance floor because chances are, a good number of people will know the words and the music isn’t too strange to keep rhythm with.


LynYrd SkynYrd – Sweet Home Alabama

I love this song! Most people know this tune and it probably brings up memories of times past so you’re sure to see your grandparents and your best friends out there on the dance floor getting down. Don’t be surprised if everyone starts to sing along. I can also bet someone will go request that the DJ play it again.


Bryan Adams – (Everything I do) I do It for You

This song brings up memories of junior high dances. It’s not one that will have everyone shaking it, but this song is sure to get all the couples out there slow dancing like it was their own wedding. Sure, you want a lot of lively music, but the odd slow dance is a crowd pleaser too. After all, there’s nothing like a wedding to make people feel the love with their own partner.


Black-Eyed Peas – I Got a Feelin’

This song is perfect because it’s got a fun rhythm that’s easy to dance to, but it’s a more contemporary song that people are likely to have heard on the radio recently. It’s a fun song to get down to and you can bet your younger guests will be all over jamming out to this one. You might want to play it twice – it’s just that good!


Kool and the Gang – Get down on It

This is a song that no one will be able to resist. It might not be the newest song on the charts, but most people know it and will rush to the dance floor when the opening notes come on. Old and young alike will want to dance to this song, so it’s a must add to your reception song list.


Bruno Mars – Just the Way You Are

He’s sort of like a young Elvis, and his music is a crowd pleaser. This is another slow song that will have all the young and old lovebirds at your reception out on the dance floor, remembering or dreaming about their own wedding. It’s a fairly new song too, so the young crowd will love that you’re playing contemporary music they can enjoy.


The O’Jays – Love Train

Who doesn’t love this song? It’s great for all ages and will have everyone dancing together with huge smiles on their faces. It might be a bit cliché to get the whole dance floor doing one dance, but everyone will thank their lucky stars that you picked this one and not the Macarena.

What songs would you add to this list? Do you get up and dance and weddings?

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Urns so where's Candy? *it's like Candy*

What about the cupid shuffle and the electric slide? Those songs get everyone pumped up!

Black eye peas- I got a feeling... That tonight's gonna be a good night and Bruno Mars- just the way you are... I like these songs !

I love the Black Eyed Peas

How can you not have Shout? That song gets EVERYONE dancing haha

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