7 Reasons to Love Lorde and Get on Her Team ...

If you aren't already obsessed with this new superstar, there are plenty of reasons to love Lorde. More and more people are joining her team each day. She even reached one million Twitter followers not too long ago! Let's face it, this girl is more successful at age 17 than we ever were. Who else can say they've accomplished so much so quickly? It truly is impressive. Check out the reasons to love Lorde and let me know what you think of this New Zealand artist.

1. You Just Don't Get Tired of "royals"

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You've probably heard her song, "Royals" countless times on the radio by now, yet, you still manage to jam out each time you hear it. That's the power of a good song; it sounds brand new each time you hear it. Sure, there are people who are tired of hearing it already, but they don't matter! This girl gets so much radio play because people are still requesting her music. That's just one of the reasons to love Lorde.

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