15 Must-hear Album Releases of the Fall ...

There are so many recently released albums that you need to listen to. I absolutely love new albums because, well, that means new music to obsesses over! Tons of big-name artists have released new material and if you haven't heard it all yet, put it on your must-download list! Here are some of the recently released albums you need to listen to:

1. Maroon 5: V

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Maroon 5's fifth album, V, is full of electro-pop hit. Adam Levine's fellow Voice coach Gwen Stefani is even featured on the song "My Heart Is Open," which was co-written by Sia. Since Adam is currently committed to The Voice, Maroon 5 will kick off the world tour in February! The album was released 9/2 and it's one of many recently released albums you need to listen to.

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